Normally, most biographies are written in the third hand or by someone else, (supposedly), I thought that for once, I would write my own Biography, spoken from the heart… so…

Growing Up

David J Hancock was born in Eastbourne, UK and grew up on the Sussex coast with his elder brother and sister. My parents loved the music of Earth, Wind and Fire, Nat King Cole and big band Jazz such as Stan Kenton.

As a lover of rhythm I found myself tapping on everything possible. I loved the way rhythm not only pulsated but you get a melody from it too ( now I know why both my parents loved the Vibraphone ). I remember using my mums knitting needles as drumsticks and hitting the kitchen pots & pans and ‘Quality Street’ tins lids to improvise as drums.

It wasn’t long before my parents allowed me to join a local marching band called the ‘Shows Stars’. I was only seven years old and the snare drum reached down to my knee. It was great fun and the ’Show Stars’ travelled up and down the UK performing their routine.

I was eleven years and attending Ratton Comprehensive School when an introduction to the ‘Head of Music’ Mr. Cane-Hardy would change my life. I owe this man so much. He recognised a talent in me that was encouraged and nurtured. After winning a class competition I was invited to join the ‘Ratton Players’. With this amazing school orchestra, under the guidance of David Cane-Hardy, the Ratton Players toured the East Coast of America, North of France and recorded a ‘Live’ album all before I was sixteen years old.

As a school kid growing up in the eighties I was exposed to some great pop music. I loved Tears for Fears, James Brown, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Ultravox. I was in many synth bands copying the latest Simple Minds or Duran Duran track. However, in 1986 Steve Silk Hurley released ‘Jack Your Body’…. I was hooked on ‘House Music’. I remember Marshall Jefferson releasing ‘House Sounds of Chicago’. My tape machine was going over drive !

After going to all the local night clubs in Eastbourne & Brighton and waiting for the DJ to stop playing Wham or Madonna start playing ‘House Music’ or ‘Acid House’ I realised that perhaps my musical taste has transcended. It was in 1991 I discovered ‘Rave’ music I would religiously visited underground and illegal ‘Hardcore Raves’ and dance until the sun came up. Bored of the local scene I travelled to London and became a regular at ‘Crazy Club’ in Astoria and then ‘Trade’ in Turnmills dancing until midday Sunday morning.

Trade had a profound influence on me. It is here where I met Paul Newman ( Tall Paul ) who came to my studio in Wandsworth to produce a track together. 

I soon moved up to London and start living in Crouch End before settling in Greys Inn Road. 

Most Fridays I would take my DAT and a get a Dub plate cut where upon DJ Tony De Vit would spin my latest track to the hedonistic crowd in Trade.

My imprints Planet 10 & Indalo Records had a ‘Press & Distribution’ deal with Mo’s Music Machine. Along with airplay from Kiss FM and support from DJ Pete Wardman I was approached by EMI A&R man Dave Cross who singed my first club smash ‘Passion’ (Remixed by Tony De Vit) in 1996.


The UK ’Hardcore / Rave’ really made an impression on me. I loved double dropping and dancing all night to Carl Cox on the ‘Ones & Two’s’. I released my first White label EP and signed it to Bizarre Management and Vinyl Solution. 


David has accompanied the world’s greatest DJs

Playing the best club nights, events & festivals.

Versatile & Adaptable

David-H is undoubtedly the most famous LGBTQ Percussionist.

David has accompanied all  the BBC Radio 1 DJs 

With performances broadcast ‘Live’ from London’s LGBTQ Pride and the ‘Essential Selection’ Winter Tour.

Celebrating residencies in London's Heaven & Fire nightclub and with regular performances at both Brighton & London Pride.

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